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About us

About Us

UNCLE JOSE - Mr. Jose Lukose Kottukapally was born in a newly independent India on 20th June 1949 in small town of Muttuchira in Kottayam, Kerala.

His father Mr Lukose John was a farmer and an Ayurvedic practitioner, very closely bound to nature and its bounty. Looking up to his father he chose an indigenous way of living even as he moved out of his home town in 1974 to explore, setup and expand his business in mechanical contracting. For 21 years since then he executed various projects with BPCL, HPCL, ONGC, BHEL, BHPV.

 As the world prepared for the new millennium, he decided to travel back to his roots and use his entrepreneurial experience and the inherited ancestral knowledge to share the wisdom of the past century with the new millennial generation.

 He started his 1st 'Ruchi Kerala Store' in the year 2000. He sourced a majority of his products, directly from the farms of kerala. 40 yrs since, there's been no looking back. Over the years his knowledge of organic and indigenous Kerala produce, along with its many benefits have garnered him a committed customer base or rather fan following. He is accredited with introducing the city audience, Malayalis, Non-Malayalis and the Millenials to the most authentic and native Kerala products. From tutoring the people about the benefits of Nendrakaya and recipes of Kappa, to how to make an earthenware durable before using for cooking, and educating them about the numerous spices of Kerala, their usage and benefits in home remedies for minor ailments, the lessons one learns from each visit to Uncle Jose are numerous and for a lifetime. An intellectual, environmentalist and marathoner at the grand age of 71, Uncle Jose enlightens every visitor with his pearls of wisdom on topics ranging from politics, cuisine, medicine and current affairs. An amazing feat that led to him meeting the president of India and also being featured in prominent Newspapers Times of India and Matrubhumi.

 Simply why his customers after one visit became his friends who came back with time to chat and discover something new that he got each time from Kerala. With time his name became so synonymous with his store that it came to be known as Jose Uncle or Jose Chetan's store giving rise to the decision to rebrand it as "Uncle Jose".

 Join us as we take this great legacy forward.


Every Product at Uncle Jose is authenticated at the source and procured at the best possible price. Fruits and Vegetables are procured daily at their variable prices and the sold to customers at the rate for the day allowing them to get the benefits of lowest prices for that day.

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Uncles Corner

With more than 40 years of dealing in authentic Kerala products and therapeutic wisdom inherited from his Ayurvedic lineage Uncle Jose has amassed a treasure trove of concoctions consisting of simple house hold ingredients which will not only tickle your taste buds but also provide home based relief from many daily ailments like common cold and other viral infections. His "did you know" is sure to surprise you with the fact that a larger number of your kitchen ingredients have therapeutic and immunity boosting properties that can help reduce and prevent many of the lifestyle illness we face today.



India being the great country that it is, has a vast variety in its culture comparable to very few others in this world. With every few kilometers you will experience a remarkable difference in its social fabric that includes customs, cuisine and language among other things. Interesting as it may seem it can also be a challenge to modern India which has become an amalgamated mix of cultures especially in the Urban scenario. To help make things more easy and familiar we introduce a multilingual ingredient list to help you with your daily shopping needs of most commonly consumed fruits and vegetables.

The Farmers Basket.

At Uncle Jose it is our firm commitment to provide you with the freshest of produce at the best price possible. To facilitate this journey from the "Farm-To-The-Fork" we created the "Farmers Basket" a venture to connect our farmer brothers to our customers through the shortest possible route. To achieve this goal we have connected with farmers nearest to our store location and procure their produce directly from them. The Uncle Jose's "Farmers Basket" although limited in its variety of produce will provide you an unlimited amount of fresh goodness on your plate.

Look out, or call us to know whats in the farmers basket each day.